Vanity Mirrors, Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Do you want to create an elegant bathroom, with a custom feel? You can spend a lot of money on expensive tiles and fixtures, add granite or marble, or you can incorporate that custom feel with the right bathroom wall mirrors.

Sometimes, people forget how important mirrors can be as a decorating item, but the right vanity mirror ties your bathroom together. It creates a cohesive and elegant look, along with being a practical and functional part of the room.

The right bathroom mirror:

   Carries the décor of your home into the bath;

   Adds dimension to a bathroom;

   Makes a small bathroom look bigger;

   Improves lighting and brightens your room.

When selecting a bathroom mirror, consider the following:

Style – Think about your personal style, the decorating style of your home and the fixtures that are part of the bathroom. You want to be consistent by selecting materials that work together, such as dark wood with a dark vanity, or selecting a mirror frame that matches the bath fixtures (faucets, tap handles). For instance, if your fittings are brushed nickel, choosing a mirror with a brushed nickel frame is a great way to be stylish and consistent.

Size – It’s important to get a mirror that’s appropriate for the size of your room. When selecting vanity mirrors, chose a mirror that is smaller in width than the vanity. If you have a small bathroom, think about a mirror without a frame. For instance, a mirror with a beveled edge flows seamlessly next to walls, making the space appear bigger.

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You’ll find the right mirror to accent your bathroom space. With the right bathroom mirror, your bathroom will feel like a custom spa.  

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