How to Hang Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors serve many purposes: two of which are to add character to a room and give the illusion of greater size. To achieve these objectives calls for knowing how to hang mirrors properly. Not only can a properly hung mirror add depth to a room, but it is also great as a piece of artwork.

Ideally, decorative mirrors should be hung in a location where it reflects something of interest. Decorators normally ensure that they reflect an art collection, a vase of flowers or the outdoors.

Hanging mirrors for this purpose calls for some creativity in knowing just where to place them. This type of setting ensures that the object is seen from many different directions. If you love the outdoors, consider doing this to bring the outdoors inside your room. Obviously, this type of use is not recommended for mirrors that are used to check your reflection. 

Safety comes first. Despite how small a decorative mirror may seem, always remember that they are heavier than they look. To make them stay in place and minimize the risk of them falling, use sturdy studs to anchor them. If in doubt, go to a hardware store and purchase some Molly bolts or ask for help. 

Mirrors should be hung at eye level so that they are easy to use when viewing your reflection. Mirrors being hung for utilitarian purposes are ideally placed in bathrooms, dressing rooms or hallways. These are the locations where people normally check out their reflections after getting dressed. 

Create a dramatic look with mirrors by going against your décor. If your current style is modern, add an antique decorative mirror to boldly add accent. If you have a fussy room, place a simple mirror as a centerpiece to break it up. Placing mirrors of different sizes in any setting also adds character. 

Placing a light source in front of the mirror gives the impression of more light. In small spaces, it actually produces more brightness as the light is reflected back. Hanging mirrors in small bathrooms or hallways is ideal when used this way. Also consider placing pictures strategically around a decorative mirror to create a beautiful scene or a conversation piece. 

Some Places to Hang Decorative Mirrors 

Decorative mirrors can be hung in many places in a home to add to the décor and reflect your own personal style. Placing a floor length decorative mirror in a walk-in closet serves many purposes. It provides a 360 degree view if you need to see yourself when dressed. 

Hanging decorative mirrors between two windows can transform a room. Placing a mirror of the same size as the windows can create the illusion of a third window and ultimately of more light. Similarly, hanging them in front of a vanity can serve the same purpose of enhancing luminosity. 

Make a bedroom into more than somewhere to sleep by creatively hanging various sizes of decorative mirrors. Place different sized and designed mirrors on a wall in your bedroom for drama and charm. 

Stairways make an ideal area for hanging mirrors. They enhance the appearance of bare walls and add personality. For the best effect, hang a number of varying sized mirrors on the wall going up the length of the stairway. 

No room can be too small to make effective use of decorative mirrors. In fact, small rooms, even ones without windows, can be made larger and brighter with carefully positioned mirrors.

Hanging decorative mirrors throughout a house or even an office improves the décor and makes it more pleasant and appealing. 

Half of the beauty of decorative mirrors lies in how they are hung. The most beautiful mirror can seem boring if not positioned in the right place. Finding the ideal location for your decorative mirrors means being adventurous and willing to experiment.  Not only are decorative mirrors ideal for any type of space, but they are generally reasonably priced. Because mirrors can be switched around, they can be easily used to change the look of a room quickly and inexpensively.


Written By: Julia Ritzenthaler

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