• Large Mirror Styles and Uses

    Posted on October 10, 2010 by in Home Decor Essentials

    As we have talked about several times, mirrors are one of those really fabulous home décor items that can transform the look of a room in one simple step and they can do it economically, which makes them an even better option. By now, you already know that mirrors come in an amazing selection of styles and sizes, so today let’s focus on large mirror styles and their variety of uses.

    Large styles are good for use in just about every room in the home. So let’s go room-by-room on the different styles that work well and how to use them best.

    Living Room: In the living room, the most popular styles of large mirror to use are wall mirrors, particularly rectangles. They are great when positioned over a sofa and even better over a fireplace mantle. These are a simple way to add a touch of style or to complete the overall look of the space. If the living room is small, they also work nicely to add a bit of depth and dimension to the room by reflecting light and angles making the room appear and feel larger.

    Bedroom: Square and rectangle mirrors work nicely over a large dresser, that’s a given. One of the most useful large mirror styles you can add to your bedroom is a cheval mirror. This is because of a couple of different attributes. They are often mobile, most styles are either an easel back stand or a four-footed stand with a pivot at the center of the mirror for adjustment; meaning you can move them from place-to-place to suite your needs at that moment. If you prefer something wall-mounted, there are many styles that are also available. A cheval style is truly a perfect example of form meeting function.

    Bathroom: If you have a small bathroom, a nice large bath mirror over the vanity will work hard to reflect light in the room to make the space feel larger. If you are working with a large bathroom space, you have several large mirror options. You can go with a modestly sized mirror over the vanity or multiple small mirrors, then you can add a large wall mirror or cheval style somewhere in the room, making the space perfect for the entire beauty and dressing preparation routine.

    This is really just a couple of examples of how to use large mirrors in the home. As you can see there are several options available. Shop around, be creative, and ask questions and you’re sure to find something that is just right for your home and project.

    Bath Mirror

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