• Get Creative With Your Photographs

    Posted on May 25, 2012 by in Home Decor Essentials

    Get creative!

    We found an article that is a must read for those who enjoy displaying their photography.  The images of the examples are impressive and demonstrate of how easily you too can have a beautiful wall collection.  Placement and lighting are explained with examples showing how to mount photos on silver platters and old dishes among other things. Additionally, examples of how to display photos on shelves and ledges of various placement are included.  Techniques to combine a variety of frames by color and style are explained as well.  Images applied to walls can be used as a backdrop for photographs, and one collection is shown with a family tree background.  Placement of photographs high above windowsills is demonstrated for a unique and different display.  There are so many ways to display photographs discussed in this article that provide a wealth of possibilities for anyone’s home.  You can easily modify the examples shown to create your own original idea.  Your loved ones will feel great when they see their photographs displayed so beautifully.

    Check out these ideas and all the rest here! http://www.bhg.com/blogs/centsational-style/2012/05/22/nine-ways-to-display-photos/

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