• A Must-Read Before You Ruin Your Paint Job

    Posted on April 30, 2012 by in Ask the Designer

    Do you love leafing through home decorating magazines? Do you look for inspiration and design tips to put together your own ideas? Well, there’s one area where you shouldn’t take direct inspiration.

    Never shop for a paint color based on how it looks in a magazine photo!

    Choosing a paint color is tricky business especially if all you have to go on is how the shade looks on a glossy magazine page. The fact of the matter is, colors look very different in varying lighting conditions and can also appear different based on how a photo was taken, what type of paper it’s printed on, whether the image was touched up – the list goes on. You could end up very disappointed if you just slap on a shade that you love in a photograph, only for it to look nothing like the picture perfect image.

    How to choose a paint color for your walls

    If you find a color of paint that you think would look great, go and get some samples and swatches that are in the same family so you can see what it would look like in your home. Make sure you check at different times throughout the day and night, so you’ll know how the colours are affected by changing conditions. Experiment with different lights including fluorescents and standard globes to get the tone you want. (Keep in mind that many compact fluorescents light can now imitate the warm glow achieved by incandescent globes).

    Once you have a swatch that works for you, start with just a small can of paint to test it out on a small space first – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the painting process. It’ll be a good idea to get a few small cans of a few shades that you think will work and test the look of them on a larger surface to find the exact hue that works best for you.

    Going beyond the base

    You can do so much more with paint than just a flat color. Consider these extra little touches for your paint job:

    Finish – You can experiment with different finishes to add even more texture and depth to your walls. A matte finish is great for older walls that may have little imperfections while a bright glossy finish reflects light and can really make your room look vibrant.

    Trim – deciding on a good trim will bring some personality into your décor. You can stick with various shades of white for your trim or experiment with pale variations of your wall colors. Or go for a truly bold approach by choosing a darker trim and a lighter wall shade.

    It’s also a good idea to consider what other objects you will be placing in the room you are painting. If you’re opting for a white bathroom vanity, then painting your walls white might make the vanity not stand out as much. Whether you’re trying to spruce up your existing home or are looking to build a new home in a new community like Vale, by adding the right bit of color to your décor, you can really lift the appearance and mood of your space.

    Article bio: Sarah Paige is a lifestyle writer who loves to live in Vale in Aveley. She writes on decorating and interior design inspiration.

    Do your painting homework!

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