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Mirrors are an important part of any bathroom, vanity or dressing space. Traditional wall mounted mirrors hang above the vanity area in almost any bathroom, but sometimes you want a bit more functionality or pizzazz. It is often difficult to see your entire reflection in a wall mounted, above sink mirror. This is where Cheval Mirrors come in. By adding a lovely standing mirror to your bathroom, you bring luxury to your space in a useful way.

Fitting to Your Space
No matter how beautiful your cheval mirror selection is, if it does not fit your space, you are going to be disappointed. Just like any other bathroom mirror selection, you need to perform a few key measurements prior to making a purchase. First, decide where in the room your standing mirror will go. Take a vertical measurement to determine the maximum height for your mirror. Take fixtures, lighting and other elements into consideration. Many cheval mirrors are adjustable and swing back and forth on the base during adjustment. You want to make sure the mirror will not hit any other items.

After determining the height, take measurements for depth and width. Obviously, the mirror itself will not be very deep. However, the base stand may be between one and two feet in depth. You need to ensure you have the floor space to accommodate the model you chose. You also want to ensure you have adequate width, especially if you are putting the mirror into a nook. The mirror should be able to sit with several inches free on either side for the best functionality.

Mirror Options for Style and Decor
At Unique Mirrors Online, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent selection of high quality, beautiful mirrors. Our desire is to ensure every customer finds the perfect accent or functional piece for his or her bathroom, vanity or dressing space. To that end, we have cheval mirrors in a range of sizes, colors, designs and prices. In order to find the right mirror for your bathroom, you should consider a few things. First, think about your personal style. A standing floor mirror is often a personal item that is used by one person on a daily basis. Choose a piece that reflects your nature or personality.

You should also consider the decor of the room. If you do not plan to change the room decor, then your mirror will need to provide a suitable match. Avoid choosing a mirror that too closely matches the wall color in your room. Instead, try to match the mirror to existing accents for a seamless integration into the decor. You can also choose a style and color that is completely different from what is already in the room in order to make a bold statement.

Unique Mirrors Online offers traditional, contemporary, classic, antique and unique styles in almost all our mirror shapes. This includes cheval mirrors. Avoid a clash in your room by choosing a mirror that epitomizes the sense of style you have already developed. offers only the highest quality mirrors available. All product lines are hand selected for their quality craftsmanship and price. Our cheval mirrors will add a unique look to your home for years to come.

Our mission is to provide an excellent online shopping experience for all of our clients.  Call us and our professional sales partners will answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect cheval mirrors to meet your needs.

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